Tuesday, January 26, 2021

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City of Victoria awarded thousands to “anti-capitalist” magazine, BLM event

The City of Victoria awarded thousands of dollars to an “anti-capitalist” magazine and a local Black Lives Matter arts event as part of its new granting program “Everyday Creativity.”

Liberals have “national mandate” to tax carbon, Chrystia Freeland says at...

While the Liberals were re-elected after implementing the carbon tax, Freeland neglected to mention the government’s December expansion of it, despite previous claims that it would not increase.

Unmasking the Great Reset

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Mental health visits will spike after pandemic ends: Ontario Medical Association

The Ontario Medical Association warned that demand for access to mental health services will likely spike once Canada emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

Bill Morneau drops out of OECD leadership race due to lack...

The former Toronto Centre MP resigned from cabinet and the House of Commons in August in the midst of the fallout from the WE Charity scandal.

Ottawa’s Trump Ave. name change “appropriate” after president’s departure: Councillor

According to Ottawa City Councillor Riley Brockington, consultations to rename the Central Park Community avenue began this past weekend to gauge the level of interest from local residents.



UN praises Canada for keeping borders open to refugees during pandemic

The UNHCR's Canadian representative Rema Jamous Imseis said that the agency was thankful Canada kept its borders open to refugees while other countries closed their borders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

CBSA still cannot locate 800 criminals up for deportation

Speaking to the House of Commons public accounts committee, CBSA President John Ossowski said that the agency is still looking for hundreds of criminals living illegally in Canada.

Only 17% of Canadians support Liberal immigration plan

Canadians are questioning the government’s intent to bring in over 1.23 million immigrants into Canada by 2023 in the midst of a global pandemic.


Canadian Taxpayers Federation debt clock needs replacing after running out of digits

The federal government has racked up so much federal debt that the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is being forced to replace its infamous digital debt clock after it ran out of digits.

Ontario continues to favour big-box stores during new lockdown

After the province of Ontario enacted a second state of emergency, businesses deemed non-essential are now forced to cease curb-side pickup and close by 8 p.m. However, the new rules continue to make exceptions for big-box stores and large retailers.

Coronavirus coverage

Chrystia Freeland, Patty Hajdu to speak at “Great Reset Initiative” launch this week

Canadian deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland and Health Minister Patty Hajdu will be among the world leaders and global elites speaking as the World Economic Forum officially launches its “great reset” this week.

Majority of people not using government contact tracing applications: report

According to the Ernst & Young Global Consumer Privacy Survey 2020, 64% of global consumers refused to share their health data related to the coronavirus with the government.

In case you missed it

Montreal police break up gatherings at three synagogues

Three separate gatherings of Orthodox Jews were shut down as part of coronavirus lockdown enforcement in the boroughs of Outremont and Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Conservative MPs vote to remove Derek Sloan from caucus

In a day-long caucus meeting Wednesday, Conservative MPs voted to remove Sloan two days after it was revealed a white supremacist donated $131 to his leadership campaign last year.

Erin O’Toole wants government to avoid sending drug addicts to prison

“We must provide assistance to Canadians who have drug addiction problems and health problems like that. I am not for very serious penalties for a crime like that. "

Who should be Canada’s next Governor General?

Although the replacement will be chosen by Trudeau and presented to Queen Elizabeth II, Canadians have their own ideas as to who should fill the role.

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Pushing back against well-funded anti-oil activists

former Toronto Stock Exchange market intelligence head Gina Pappano launched a new group, InvestNow, to dispel the myths and misinformation from the anti-oil activists and encourage investment rather than divestment.

Curfews are unconstitutional

Toronto lawyer Ryan O'Connor joins The Andrew Lawton Show to discuss Quebec's curfew, calling it unconstitutional and ineffective.