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Nova Scotia judge grants injunction to prohibit and arrest anti-lockdown protestors

A Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge granted the province’s government an injunction to stop Canadians from protesting COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns.

O’Toole accuses Liberals of refusing to affirm Israel’s right to defend...

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole accused Liberal Minister of Foreign Affairs Marc Garneau of refusing to affirm Israel’s right to defend itself from daily bombings by the terror group Hamas following a question period exchange on Friday.

Ontario judge forces Aylmer church to lock doors for skirting lockdown...

An Ontario court is forcing a defiant church in Aylmer, Ontario to lock its doors after the congregation repeatedly ignored public health orders and COVID-19 restrictions.

The mainstream media is getting the Israel-Hamas conflict wrong

HonestReporting Canada's Mike Fegelman joins The Andrew Lawton Show to discuss the mainstream media's dishonest coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Erin O’Toole says his government will repeal Bill C-10, should it...

"While the NDP and the Bloc may look the other way on the freedom of expression, Canada’s Conservatives will not," O'Toole said.

UCP caucus votes to kick out MLAs Todd Loewen, Drew Barnes...

UCP whip Mike Ellis said in a statement Barnes’ and Loewen’s outspoken criticisms “divide our party and undermine government leadership.”


2021 Meets 1984

A Calgary pastor is arrested in Canada and some people actually cheered on the arrest, Guilbeault's latest flip-flop on C-10 and law professor Bruce Pardy joins the show. Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show!


Court rules Canada can turn away asylum seekers entering from the United States

Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal has ruled that the agreement that allows Canada to turn back asylum seekers from the United States does not violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Canada lost 207,000 jobs in April: StatsCan

Canada lost a total 207,000 jobs last month as increased lockdowns in multiple provinces pushed many out of the workforce.

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Ontario medical regulator backtracks on prohibiting doctors from criticizing lockdowns

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario will no longer be investigating doctors who speak out against government lockdown measures, according to a statement issued on Monday.

FUREY: Leave the internet alone

Anthony Furey says even if the internet was broken, more government is not the solution.

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