Saturday, October 16, 2021

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The little guy is always an afterthought for the government

In Ontario, the Toronto Maple Leafs can fill their arena with thousands of fans but capacity limits are still applied to restaurants. What is going on here? How does that make sense?

Alberta stops reporting youth COVID deaths after falsely claiming 14-year-old died...

In reality, the boy died from brain cancer which was revealed after family members spoke out online about the misleading claims regarding his death. 

MLA Ellis Ross encourages BC Liberals to accept Aaron Gunn’s leadership...

A prominent BC Liberal MLA and leadership candidate sent a letter to the party’s Leadership Election Organizing Committee on Thursday encouraging them to accept the candidacy of prospective opponent Aaron Gunn. 

Canada needs to stand up for Taiwan

Joining this special edition of The Andrew Lawton Show are Joining this panel discussion are Conservative member of parliament Michael Cooper, York University professor Jung-Chin Shen, and Taiwan Watch Canada founder Yuehying Tseng.

CBC apologizes for using fake patients and training facility in COVID-19...

On Thursday, CBC was forced to apologize for using a fake hospital setting and mannequins posing as patients for a broadcast on the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this week. 

Doug Ford says high gas prices “just the beginning” due to...

“The carbon tax is the single worst tax on the backs of Canadians that’s ever existed. It’s driving up the cost of groceries, it’s driving up the cost of us getting from point A to point B, driving your kids to work, I have fought this day in and day out," Ford said.


The legacy media misleads Canadians about a teen dying of COVID-19

This week, a number of media outlets claimed a young teen in Alberta had died of COVID-19. While the teen’s death was tragic news, there was only one problem – he didn’t pass away because of COVID-19. It's Fake News Friday on The Candice Malcolm Show.


Majority of immigrants proud of how Canada treats minorities

Immigrants and minorities reported more pride in Canada’s equal treatment of people regardless of background than Canadian-born respondents did, a Statistics Canada survey reveals. 


New report warns of ‘new normal’ of government spending

As people pursue a return to pre-pandemic life, a new report warns that government spending will remain at all-time highs. A Fraser Institute review...

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Manitoba RCMP report 11% drop in rural crime levels

Manitoba RCMP officers have some good news for rural residents in the province after new figures indicate that rural crime rates have dropped significantly over the last year.

Toronto District School Board to release youth climate activism guide this fall

According to the TDSB’s Annual Report 2021: Climate Action, the guide is “designed to support youth in mobilizing their communities towards climate action.”

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