The science is settled. Open border policies don’t work.

And yet, deniers, such as Justin Trudeau, continue to push their failed policies while refusing to acknowledge the authoritative body of data showing how lax border policies create uncertainty, lawlessness, and chaos — all of which pose a threat to national sovereignty and unity.

The latest data point comes from a City of Toronto report over the holidays showing that 40% of the city’s government-run homeless shelters are occupied by asylum seekers and self-described refugees.

The city estimates it will spend over $100 million to deal with the unprecedented surge in homeless migrants seeking a handout in Canada’s largest city.

Add this to the hundreds of millions paid by the provinces for healthcare, education and welfare payments to migrants, and the $1.1 billion price tag by the feds in administrative costs for processing and determining asylum applications.

It didn’t used to be this way.

Canada was once a model for orderly, rules-based immigration. We once boasted the best integration and resettlement services in the world.

And because of Canada’s strong immigration rules and our dedication to welcoming and integrating immigrants, Canada created the model for peaceful pluralism — where newcomers were welcomed into the Canadian family in exchange for their commitment to follow our rules, adapt to our culture, learn our language, and adhere to our national values.

In just three short years, however, Trudeau has made a mockery of Canada’s once proud tradition of successful immigration and integration.

It stems from his denial. Trudeau denies that there is a border crisis or that his virtue-signalling on social media had anything to do with it.

He’s denied that it is illegal to cross the border at illegal entry points, and has forced his government to use the term “irregular migrants” instead of illegal.

It’s worth noting that, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “irregular“ is defined as “not being or acting in accord with laws, rules, or established custom.”

In other words, irregular means illegal.

No matter the euphemism, Trudeau refuses to acknowledge that unplanned mass migration doesn’t just hurt the public purse, it also has a profound impact on our communities, our public safety and our national unity.

Trudeau’s denial goes even further. He’s stated that Canada has no core identity and that he wants to make Canada the world’s first “post-national” country.

He sees himself as a global citizen, and has condemned the idea of Canadian nationalism and patriotism. He condemns those who try to define Canadian values, such as Conservative MP Kellie Leitch, and opposes all criticism of other cultures.

He’s demonized conservatives for calling honour killings and female genital mutilation “barbaric“ and calls anyone who disagrees with him — including little old ladies in Quebec — a racist.

Trudeau is not just a border denier, he denies Canadian greatness and seems to deny that Canada is even worth protecting.

This helps explain why he’s thrown our doors wide open to the world’s migrants and reversed years of progress by making our citizenship and immigration rules ever more lax.

Under Trudeau’s watch, Canada has become a magnet for fraudsters, human trafficking networks, citizens of convenience and people looking for a free ride. We’ve even welcomed terrorists and war criminals.

Canada is currently on an unsustainable path.

Despite what border deniers say, we need to wake up and acknowledge the chaos invited through open borders. Our children and grandchildren depend on it.

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