The Trudeau government has an army of left-wing propagandists at its disposal that will be unleashed on social and legacy media come election time. It’s important Canadians know who these players are and who butters their bread. 

Earlier this week intrepid news outlet Blacklock’s Reporter revealed that a former civil servant was using an anonymous Twitter account with over 12,000 followers to call politicians and public figures profane things like “urinal cake,” “syphilis,” “marzipan dildo,” etc. The (un)civil servant appears to have been tweeting attacks predominantly at Conservatives while getting paid by taxpayers and supposedly working for the public. 

As the mainstream media follows the $7 million carrot of the Trudeau government to look into a supposed democratic existential crisis brought on by Russian bots and fake news, they’re out to lunch when it comes to the bureaucratic deep state that literally applauded and cried for joy when Trudeau got into office. 

Although the extent of how much civil servants break their ethics code to remain nonpartisan at their jobs has not been scrutinized by the mainstream media in the least, a look at the Twitter account “Government of Canada Wikipedia edits” suggests a significant number of bureaucrats are busy beavers at playing politics at work.

Beyond partisan bureaucrats afraid of a pay freeze or cuts to their fat salaries and benefits or being laid off for being paper pushers by a fiscally conservative government, there are third-party groups — some receiving government grant money — doing work that looks awfully partisan. 

For instance, The Walrus Foundation, a registered charity, has a magazine that has received generous grant money from the federal government to ostensibly do journalism. A close look at the organization’s so-called journalism shows much of it aligns with the Liberal ideology. An even closer look reveals many Liberal partisans are attached to the organization.

As True North has pointed out repeatedly, Trudeau’s $595 million bribe to the media this election ensures the press, that’s overwhelmingly left wing to begin with, will have all the more incentive to ensure Trudeau wins.

Another institution with the stench of partisanship is Elections Canada. Last week reports came out on how that organization in charge of protecting our democratic voting process in this country was going to blow $650,000 to hire Canadian social media influencers who are overwhelming left wing. The campaign was meant to encourage youth to go out and vote. Elections Canada backed out last minute but the fact they had already paid 13 of these influencers and thought it was a good idea in the first place reveals the distorted judgement a lot of the people within that hallowed organization have, and how they are rotting its integrity.

Speaking of the youth vote, who can forget the Instagram campaign CBC ran last election? The public broadcaster used its left-wing comedians and other personalities to encourage low information voters to go out and vote simply because it’s cool to put up a picture with a filter saying you voted. Meanwhile CBC refused to air one of the debates because it had lost the rights to host it. 

CBC also partners with public opinion research company Vox Pop Labs to create the unscientific Vote Compass that’s supposed to tell voters which party they are most aligned with. One past election the Vote Compass allegedly tended to point towards the Liberals more often than not. Vox Pop Labs has also received lucrative federal contracts to create push surveys for the Trudeau government.

I could go on and on (and I will later) with other supposedly non-partisan organizations that will be gunning on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada, but I think you get the point. 

What is most concerning about this incestuous power nexus working to keep the “natural governing party” in power is that it gives one party in this country a huge advantage. When one party rules most of the time — with a corrupted justice system, media and bureaucracy in cahoots with them — it leads down a very ugly road like Greece or Venezuela. Canadians need to be aware of this growing power nexus and fight it everywhere they can.

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