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LAWTON: How governments want to censor the internet

True North's Andrew Lawton explains.

It isn’t just the Canadian government trying to use “hate speech” as an excuse to clamp down on the internet. France, the United Kingdom and the European Union are looking at their own regulations to do the same. In the UK, however, with whom Canada is co-hosting a media freedom conference next week, the government is exploring creating a regulatory body to force social media companies to provide support services for those “harmed” by online speech, and to “disrupt” companies that don’t comply with government speech restrictions.

True North’s Andrew Lawton explains.

Andrew will be at the press freedom summit next week thanks to the support of True North donors. We can’t do this work alone, and the mainstream media won’t do it at all. If you can support our campaign to protect free speech, please do: https://tnc.news/lawton-heritage-club/

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