Minister of Democratic Institutions (a Soviet-style moniker devised by the Trudeau government) Karina Gould recently espoused confidence in the state broadcaster the CBC to mother Canadians by telling them what information they can and cannot believe. 

Now, many in the establishment of this country will reflexively roll their eyes when someone claims the CBC is a state broadcaster. “You mean public broadcaster,” they say pedantically, as if simply calling it so makes it so, despite a mountain of evidence showing otherwise. As I and my True North colleagues have pointed out countless times before, many supposedly non-partisan government institutions and third-parties are impartial in name only

The CBC is another glaring example.

Shortly before Gould tweeted CBC’s biased article on fake news, which propagated the childish notion that the dark arts of disinformation only comes from the right of the political spectrum, the CBC itself published false information on tech giants censoring conservative individuals and information.

When U.S. President Donald Trump held a social media summit with right-wing influencers, journalists and pundits to discuss big tech censorship, the CBC News Network had a Washington Post journalist on its program to make spurious claims that those invited are “racists,” only citing investigative journalist, Trump-supporter and muckraker James O’Keefe as an example of such a “far-right” character being in attendance. The CBC host — likely out of ignorance and confirmation bias — unquestioningly agreed with this leftist journalist’s slander. 

Following O’Keefe’s work exposing left-wing government organizations and NGOs for years, I’m acquainted with his work and reputation. Although he is at times fairly partisan in his work, he’s not one promoting racism. Yet the CBC presented that lie as fact while dismissing the mountain of evidence piling up that shows the big tech companies are left-wing dogmatists who target conservatives and their ideas.

Ironically, O’Keefe’s undercover journalism outfit Project Veritas has been leading the coverage in exposing this censorship of conservative thinkers and their ideas by getting undercover journalists to infiltrate these companies with hidden cameras. 

Others invited to Trump’s social media summit are undoubtedly controversial figures, and leftist organizations and media have attempted to smear them as “far right,” but for CBC to dismiss them all as a basket of deplorables and to deny that internal memos and reports from mainstream publications have shown apparent political bias at companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google. 

The latest example of such bias happened on the heels of Trump’s summit when Canadian free speech advocate Lindsay Shepherd was banned from Twitter while the transwoman that initially attacked her online remained unpunished. 

The virtual silence from Canadian political leaders on both sides of the political aisle, except the People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, on this issue is extremely concerning and noteworthy as they appear to be too fearful to call out the very powerful tech companies.

When the state broadcaster dismisses real internet censorship as a right-wing conspiracy theory and the Liberals in power defer to the CBC as the go-to source for determining what is and isn’t real news, Canadians need to start questioning the reliability and honesty of the so-called public broadcaster.

This is the same news outlet that just white-washed Trudeau’s former Principal Secretary and best friend Gerald Butts returning to the Liberal fold less than six months after resigning in the midst of the SNC Lavalin scandal — where there may have been obstruction of justice — as merely “the band” coming back together.

The political-media power complex in Canada is very closely aligned, which means Canadians cannot trust them to tell them the honest truth.