Video surfaced this week of a speech given by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, apparently on Canada Day, to an audience of what appears to be a group of predominantly Somalis in Canada. He was clearly electioneering and was in campaign-mode encouraging his audience to vote Liberal. 

But there was almost an “or else” in his tone. 

He trotted out the usual Liberal nonsense including how this government has created a million new jobs. But it was the end of the video that really spoke volumes. 

Essentially, he told his audience they had to vote for the Liberals because their opponents “dance with white supremacists.”

Really. He said that. 

We have heard all manner of Liberal nonsense about how white supremacy is one of the greatest threats to Canada for over a year now, even though they haven’t a scintilla of evidence to justify that statement.

This is a disturbing pattern by this government, painting anyone who does not subscribe to their way of thinking as racist or a white supremacist or even a nazi, as described by Trudeau advisor and BFF Gerald Butts after the sting of criticism came at Trudeau after his “people-kind” town hall moment.

Butts tweeted this at the time: “The lesson to take from this joke being torqued by Infowars and other alt-right nazi friends of The Rebel is they’re paying attention.” 

I, for one, am getting tired of this nonsense. I don’t support this government or its policies and profligate spending with our tax dollars. But to label us racists or white supremacists or nazis is way beyond the pale. 

Are there white supremacists in Canada? Surely, but they are few and far between and are mostly keyboard warriors in their mom’s basements. CSIS and the RCMP monitor their internet traffic and social media presence, but it is way down on their priority list. 

No, what the Liberals are trying to do is paint everyone who might decide to vote Conservative as a racist and white supremacist. 

That’s just plain offensive. 

The only racists I see are Liberals. 

Consider this statement last week by the Prime Minister speaking of the relationship between government and the indigenous communities: “We have to be patient. We have to be present. We have to be unconditional our support in a way a parent needs to be unconditional in their love – not that there is a parent – child dynamic here.”

I am not an aboriginal Canadian but I cannot imagine a more patronizing thing to say by a political leader in Canada. 

But statements such as those made by Hussen are not only racist in the extreme against white Canadians, they are trying to say that roughly 12-15 million Canadians are somehow racists or white supremacists. 

I would much prefer a government that went into an election that campaigned on its record and policies moving forward. 

Considering the broken promises by this Liberal government from the 2015 campaign, they can’t do that. They didn’t balance the budget in 2019. They are running huge deficits and are wasting taxpayer dollars at an alarming rate. 

They can’t run on their record so they are saying if you won’t vote for them you are racist or a white supremacist. 


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