A protester got shot in the eye by a projectile by Hong Kong Police, and tear gas is being used in crowded subway stations.

China said the pro-democracy demonstrations had begun to show “sprouts of terrorism”. Meanwhile, Chinese military vehicles have lined up in Shenzhen, a bordering city of Hong Kong.

It’s clear the Communist Chinese government is ready to crack down on the pro-democracy protesters with force. Canada, a beacon of freedom and democracy, should be rallying behind the protestors.

Instead, our Prime Minister had this to say when asked about the violent crackdown of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong:

“We are calling for peace, for order, for dialogue…we certainly call on China to be very careful and very respectful in how it deals with people who have legitimate concerns in Hong Kong”.

Dialogue? Care? Respect?

Why not stand behind the protesters who are demanding democracy and freedom in Hong Kong? After months of China bullying Canada, why on Earth is our Prime Minister still attempting to cozy up to the Chinese regime? 

The Chinese Ambassador has accused Canada of “white supremacy”. Beijing has halted pork and canola imports from Canada for frivolous reasons. Meanwhile, Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor continue to be detained in China on trumped up charges. 

While the Chinese government has purposely attempted to embarrass Canada, the Trudeau government has refused to do anything in response.

President Trump gets a lot of things wrong. But when it comes to Justin Trudeau’s response to China, Trump’s description of Trudeau is perfect. In two words: meek and mild.

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