An Edmonton court found a man guilty of attempted murder and several other offences. I won’t name him because he does not deserve the fame or the infamy. 

Suffice to say he is a Somali national who was an illegal alien in the U.S. and after being ordered deported, he crossed the border into Canada courtesy of Justin Trudeau’s come one, come all messaging.

He found his way to Edmonton where so many of the Somali community now reside. Part of the problem, as this case illustrates, is a significant section of this community simply won’t assimilate and integrate with Canadian culture. 

Is that a racist statement? Hardly. It’s a reality. 

It was September 30, 2017 when he ran down an Edmonton Police Officer standing traffic point duty outside Commonwealth Stadium. He revved up his car and struck the officer at speed, blindsiding him. He then jumped out of his vehicle and began stabbing the officer in the face and tried to get the officer’s gun. 

In a quintessential fight for his life, the officer fought back and the attacker fled in another vehicle, driving down Jasper Avenue in downtown Edmonton trying to mow down pedestrians on sidewalks until he was stopped by tactical officers. 

He was charged with multiple criminal offences including attempted murder of a police officer. He refused a legal aid lawyer and instead because we are such a fair country, the court appointed a lawyer paid for by me and you to act as an amicus, a friend of the court, to look out for the rights of the accused.

The accused did not cooperate with the proceedings whatsoever. 

This is by all appearances a terror attack on Canadian soil.  Yet, no one wants to call a spade a shovel. Why is a mystery. The accused even had an ISIS flag in his vehicle as he tried to mow down pedestrians. What else could this be if not a terror attack?

Here’s a dose of reality, this country is at war with fundamental, fanatical, radical Islam and its adherents whatever else you want to call it. We did not declare it, but sometimes war comes to you whether you want it or not. 

The political correctness of the Liberals with their nonsensical M-103 ostensibly to condemn Islamophobia, which may be one of the most ridiculous concepts I have ever heard of. 

If someone is threatening you, it might be appropriate to listen to the threats and take steps to protect yourself. 

This is a basic fact the Liberals and the politically correct class on the left don’t seem to understand. 

Radical Islam is at war with the west. That’s a fact. We ignore it at our peril. And no amount of political correctness or Liberal group hugs will change that. 

The Edmonton incident was a terror attack on Canada even if the politically correct media won’t call it what it is. And frankly, neither will the Edmonton Police Service. 

But this is not the only incident. We have had terror arrests in Kingston, Hamilton and Toronto. Yet, for some strange reason too many times the mainstream media tries to soft-peddle what these incidents really are. They are terror attacks on Canada by an element of radical Islam. 

Time to call a spade a shovel.