In 2017, True North’s Candice Malcolm wrote about ISIS supporter Abdulahi Sharif. Sharif attempted to kill several pedestrians and a police officer in 2017 in a vehicular attack in Edmonton. An ISIS flag was later found in his vehicle. In 2012, Sharif fled the U.S. after being ordered to be deported out of the country. He then illegally entered Canada where he was granted refugee status. 

Over several months Malcolm wrote a number of columns criticizing the government’s failure to properly screen Sharif and to allow him into the country.

In the wake of that piece, a Liberal MP and Parliamentary Secretary wrote a Letter to the Editor saying the government of Canada did all they could in this case to vet the application of this thug. 


Well, how about denying the application if you can’t get any background information? There’s a thought. But this escapes the champagne socialists who want to believe everyone in the world believes in their view of their utopia. 

Here’s a bit of reality:

If a refugee claimant comes from a country that hasn’t had a functioning government for many years, our security services have no ability to vet the applicant despite the government’s protestations to the contrary. 

In simple terms, you are being misled by your government as they try to protect their decision to let in all manner of flotsam and jetsam who show up at our borders.

Is that a cruel way to look at things? Perhaps. But the government’s first and most important responsibility is to protect the citizenry not to provide solace and comfort to the world’s thugs.

Despite what the government tells you, there is no way to vet the majority of refugees claiming asylum on our borders. Let alone those who illegally cross from the United States via Roxham Road in Quebec.

Here’s another dose of reality: 

There are somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50,000 Somalis in Canada. Most came here as refugees. There is not one who has been properly vetted despite what our government tells us. 

Why? Simple really. 

There hasn’t been a functioning government in Somalia for the last four decades. There has been decades of tribal warfare and internal strife, civil war and jockeying for power. There is no one our authorities could go to get background information from. There is no central repository. Then there’s Yemen. Chad. Syria. Eritrea and many others.

How can we possibly expect newcomers from these countries to change their lifelong behaviour just because they are now in Canada?  

Where do our investigators go to get information about these folks who magically appear on our shores asking for our hospitality?

It’s not politically correct to say so, but then, I am not a politically correct sort of fellow. I am a realist and I know that there is a significant segment of the world that wants to do harm to those of us in the west. We not only need to be aware of that but need to guide ourselves accordingly.

The mainstream, oh-so-politically-correct media, doesn’t want to tell you the truth so the stories of criminal convictions are buried or otherwise sanitized by removing names and places of origin.

Yes, it’s sad. But Canada does not need to be the dumping ground for the problems of the rest of the world. Nor should we be. 

The bottom line is that we, as a country, owe nothing to anyone. We are a generous people. But if we cannot do a substantial background check to determine if an applicant is suitable for entry into this country then that applicant should not be allowed.