In the same week we learned the Federal Court certified a $1.1 billion class-action suit alleging the leadership of the RCMP fostered and condoned an environment of intimidation, harassment and bullying over many years, we have also watched the absolute decline of law and order across the country as the left-wing liberal loons have shut down rail lines, legislatures, city halls, bridges, intersections across the country with apparent impunity.

The mind boggles really. 

In one particularly poignant video on social media, several folks on Vancouver Island started to take it into their own hands to dismantle a blockade of the highway. 

Watching a young Mountie chase a man around as the man kept removing crap used to blockade the highway was amusing but sad at the state of our national police force. The citizens’ frustration evident became even more so when the Mountie arrested the man and left the protesters to continue their blockade. 

Then there was the video of Victoria Police trying to negotiate with protesters who had blockaded the Legislature to allow two of his officers into the building. Since when do police in Canada allow protesters to dictate terms?

And then there’s the situation in Ontario where the OPP seems paralyzed by two blockades, one of which has the main Via Rail line blocked and no traffic moving on the main line between Montreal and Toronto. 

The sole bright light in the way police has handled these protests occurred Monday when Vancouver Police made 43 arrests of protesters who were blocking traffic into the Port of Vancouver. 

The Port wasted no time in getting an injunction and the Vancouver Police wasted no time in enforcing that injunction. Good for them. 

There’s no shortage of leadership in the Vancouver Police Department. This is something I can’t say the same about the RCMP or indeed in the Government of Canada.

After a week of traipsing around Africa doling out Canadian taxpayer dollars to some dodgy countries, Justin Trudeau is now on his way to Barbados to spread around some more largesse. 

When he was asked about the protest crisis that has unfolded in Canada, the Prime Minister actually said, “(The protests and blockades is) an issue that is of concern” and that he is encouraging “all parties to dialogue to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

And with that, he is off to Barbados to solicit more UN votes for his vanity seat with the Security Council.  But lest you think he left folks back in Canada to assume the great mantle of leadership in his stead, don’t. 

Deputy Prime Minister tried to get into Halifax City Hall from two different access points on Wednesday and she was not allowed by the protesters. One protester even put hands on the  Deputy PM to stop her. Now that’s leadership.

The frustration of Canadians who are blocked from getting to work, driving unimpeded on a highway or major engines in the commerce of the nation being blocked for no good reason is growing by the day. 

Meanwhile, while Commissioner Brenda Lucki seems incapable of providing the requisite leadership to have her members do their jobs and deal with the lawless protesters, she also has the bubbling cauldron of the bullying and harassment findings of the Federal Court to deal with. 

$1.1 billion just because for decades successive Commissioners have turned a blind eye to all the bullying, intimidation and harassment. And now it’s going to cost us beleaguered taxpayers more than a billion dollars to settle the class action. 

Meanwhile, lawless radical leftists across the country are engaged in trying to do as much damage to the economic health of the country and for the most part, we are not seeing senior police leadership instruct their people to do their jobs. 

The inmates are running the asylum.

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