With the coronavirus pandemic putting increased pressure on Canadian charities, True North has created a map so that Canadians can more easily find charities and nonprofits in need in their local communities.

Over the past few weeks, many important organizations have put out urgent pleas to the public for help.

Because of the coronavirus lockdowns, millions of Canadians have been laid off or fired in recent weeks. More and more Canadians are turning to local charities and food banks for help, but at a time when so people are struggling financially, fewer Canadians are donating to these important community organizations.

Charities are also seeing fewer volunteers, as shelter-in-place orders and self-isolation rules require many Canadians to stay at home.

Rather than just reporting on the news, True North has decided to do something about this problem.

We are encouraging all of our readers and supporters to help out in any way they can during this crisis.

As a result, we have ceased all fundraising efforts for our news organization, which is funded entirely through the generous support and donations from our readers and supporters, and instead are calling on everyone to donate to your local food bank or charity specifically helping those impacted by the coronavirus.

To help connect True North readers to those in need of help, we have created the Coronavirus Assistance Map:

This map shows dozens of food banks, homeless shelters and Meals on Wheels programs across Canada, along with contact information for each.

Many of these organizations have put out specific requests for help during this ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Meals on Wheels programs are particularly important at this time as many vulnerable people must remain at home to protect themselves from coronavirus. These and other delivery services help people maintain social-distancing and self-quarantine measures.

We encourage you to give what you can, share this map broadly so that others donate, and please let us know if we’ve missed any good charities out there that are doing good, and we will add them to the map.

From all of us at True North, thank you, stay safe and God bless!