As coronavirus news stories dominate the headlines, it’s fair to say that climate change seems to have been knocked off its perch. 

Well, until social media exploded with comments saying former Green Party leader Elizabeth May demanded a price from the Prime Minister for her support for his minority government in the $82 billion stimulus bill. 

According to the discussions on social media, May apparently demanded that Trudeau keep the 50% carbon tax April 1st increase in return for her support for the Liberal’s initiative. Trudeau agreed and then got, as well, the support from the Bloc Quebecois. Rather unsurprisingly I might add. 

Now, political deals are de rigueur and we will likely never know for sure what was discussed to get the support of the Green Party. But they did get it and shortly after Trudeau said the April 1st increase in the carbon tax would occur despite the stimulus spending bill. 

So, they are going to give Canadians some money to make up for lost wages for many but then increase a tax and minimize the positive effect of that money. 

Well, that sure makes sense – to a Liberal but not to anyone else. 

The Prime Minister giveth with one hand and taketh with the other.

The logic of these enviro-loonies, if there ever was any, is long gone and never to return. 

The Trudeau government has wedded themselves to the mantra of climate change and the carbon tax is a significant piece of that. Although at his latest coronavirus press conference given from the stoop of Rideau Cottage, the Prime Minister would not call it a tax when asked the question. No, it was “a price on pollution.” 

The Trudeau government is married to the whole “the science is settled” dogma. When in fact it isn’t and not by a long shot. 

Consider the words of Dr. Patrick Michaels, a past president of the American Association of State Climatologists and a contributing author to the UN’s IPCC report which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. “The rates of warming, on multiple time scales, have now invalidated the suite of IPCC climate models. No, the science is not settled.”

Or the comments of Dr. Murry Salby, an American atmospheric scientist who said, “I have an involuntary gag reflex whenever someone says the science is settled. Anyone who thinks the science is settled on this topic is in fantasia.”

Well, that’s where the Prime Minister is, in fantasia. 

He wants to believe in his fantasy about man-made global warming or climate change as it has been called when the global warming predictions failed to materialize. Yet, he believes this nonsense that he has imposed a “cost on pollution” on Canadians and it will increase by 50% on April 1st and there is precious little we can do about it. 

The Prime Minister is wrong in all of this and is even more wrong to carve it into government policy and penalize Canadians for heating their homes or taking their kids to the hockey arena or soccer field. 

I will leave the final word in this discussion to Dr. Willem de Lange, Senior Lecturer, Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. “In 1996 the IPCC listed me as one of approximately 3000 “scientists” who agreed that there was a discernible human influence on climate. I didn’t. There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that runaway catastrophic climate change is due to human activities.”

Think about that as Justin Trudeau raises your cost to purchase gasoline for your car or heating oil or natural gas to heat your home. 

Any pretence that he is standing up for Canadians is masked by his own flawed ideology.