On Thursday, Health Minister Patty Hadju told reporters that asking questions about the accuracy of coronavirus numbers coming out of China is equivalent to perpetuating  “conspiracy theories.” 

“There’s no indication that the data that came out of China in terms of their infection rate and their death rate was falsified any way,” said Hajdu.

“Your question is feeding into conspiracy theories that many people have been perpetuating on the internet and it’s important to remember that there is no way to beat a global pandemic if we’re not willing to work together as a globe.”

On Friday Hadju doubled down, saying that the numbers China was providing to the World Health Organization were credible and Canada trusts them.

This week multiple reports have surfaced suggesting China intentionally hid the true number of cases:

China’s publicized coronavirus data is “intentionally incomplete,” numbers are “fake”

Three anonymous U.S. government officials told Bloomberg that a classified report determined China’s reporting of the coronavirus pandemic was not accurate. 

Two of the officials said China was clearly lying about how many of its citizens fell victim to the virus.

China concealed the numbers when virus first appeared, told doctors to hush

Records indicate that China was aware of the coronavirus two weeks before it informed the World Health Organization, with the communist regime claiming there were only 41 cases on January 11. The real number by was actually in the hundreds.

A doctor working in Wuhan Dr. Li Wenliang had posted on social media in December about a number of cases of pneumonia with links to a local seafood market. He was later arrested by local authorities for spreading rumours. Li lated died after becoming infected by coronavirus.

Wuhan residents doubt official death toll

Reports from inside China suggest that many residents believe more people have died than the 3,300 touted by the communist regime, with some testifying that incinerators have been working around the clock.

One Wuhan-area resident told Radio Free Asia that it is widely believed that around 40,000 people have actually died in China since the coronavirus pandemic began.  

Stacks of urns in Wuhan contradict reported death count

In the past week, thousands of urns have been shipped to funeral homes in the coronavirus epicentre of Wuhan. 

An image of approximately 3,500 urns stacked inside one funeral home circulating on Chinese social media earlier this week, casting doubt on the Chinese government claim that only 3,300 people have died of coronavirus.

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