Despite what we have been told by Prime Minister Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, our borders are not locked down to illegal border crossers. 

For the past couple of years we have been inundated with migrants illegally crossing the border at Roxham Road from upstate New York into the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Due to mounting pressure on the Prime Minister after it became apparent that New York State was becoming the epicentre for the coronavirus, Trudeau announced the closure of the Roxham Road illegal entry point. 

For all that time he said it couldn’t be done. Then suddenly it could. 

But we are still being inundated with economic migrants wanting to claim refugee status in Canada. While their claim wends its way through the myriad of federal bureaucracy, these migrants avail themselves of all manner of taxpayer funded benefits provided by our oh-so-tolerant Prime Minister. I have been told this cost is upwards of $50,000 per year per migrant in housing, medical and welfare benefits. 

We were led to believe that the problem had all but ceased. Trudeau pushed the optics that he was doing the right thing. But as I learned from a source who is close to front-line CBSA officers that this is not the case and not by a long shot. 

Since we closed the Roxham Road illegal access point, incipient refugee claimants are now allowed to claim refugee status at any official Point of Entry.

What should happen then is CBSA officers, under the Safe Third Country Agreement with the U.S., turn the person around or ideally, turn them over to the American Customs and Border Patrol officers. 

Instead, migrants are making refugee claims at official border Points of Entry, initiating a refugee claim and then quarantined for 14 days. What happens then is not clear. But likely they are then released into the population and their refugee claim process begins and so, too, does the taxpayer funded faucet get opened.

The whole idea of the Safe Third Party Agreement is that refugees with a legitimate claim must make that claim at the first safe country they enter. In the case of all these migrants their first safe haven is the United States. But not for these folks. Canada is much more generous than the U.S. to these folks so they find their way to Canada and initiate a refugee claim to take advantage of that. 

Bill Blair tried to convince Canadians that since the border closure we have returned only ten such refugee claimants to the U.S. What he neglected to say was that this government had essentially suspended the Customs Act and allowed them to go to an official points of entry and make their refugee claim anyway. 

The government wants us to look like they’re actually looking after our best interests. 

They aren’t and not by a long shot. 

In essence, the government is creating incentives for people to not follow our laws. This can only possibly make sense to a Liberal. 

This is outrageous. 

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