This past weekend’s copy of The Chronicle Herald, a newspaper based out of Nova Scotia, offered their own cut-out of the flag within their pages. But they did so with something of a trigger warning running along the front page.

“Inside today’s edition, on page A9, you’ll find a Canadian flag to clip and post to help celebrate July 1. We understand the flag doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, however, we hope our readers recognize their ability to play a role in shaping Canada’s future is a freedom worth acknowledging.”

What on earth does this PR speak even mean? It reads like a partial apology for even printing the flag.

Why does there need to be an explanation in the first place? Any sane person flipping through the paper and seeing a flag cut-out would simply understand what it is and either cut it out and tape it to their window or not and move on with their day without a second thought.

The reaction was fast and, mostly, fierce.

Read Anthony Furey’s column in the Toronto Sun!

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