An ISIS terrorist who plotted to attack a Toronto Canadian Tire store wrote to her parole officer in February that if she’s released, she intends on perpetrating another terror attack on Canadians. 

“If you release me from jail, I will do another terrorist attack, so tell your government to send me back to my country (Syria),” wrote Rehab Dughmosh. 

According to an investigation by Global News’ Stewart Bell, Dughmosh’s written comments were cited during a Parole Board of Canada hearing on Monday. The board eventually decided to deny Dughmosh the opportunity to be released on parole. 

“Given your continued commitment to a terrorist organization, and ongoing indications that you will commit a terrorist attack if released, the board do not consider your risk to re-offend violently is manageable at this time,” wrote the board’s decision. 

Dughmosh was found guilty of attempting to join ISIS and conducting a terror attack in 2019. By August 7th, shortly after being imprisoned, Dughmosh was already eligible for full parole.

According to the board, Dughmosh has continued her radical beliefs and activities while in prison. 

“You have been found with a terrorist flag image in your cell, asked the imam for radical literature, and confronted another Muslim offender for not wearing a hijab,” the board claimed.

“You have threatened to kill or maim inmates you deem to be in conflict with your ideologies, and have threatened to burn down your living unit with no regard to human life.”

Further reasons cited by the board in their denial of parole was that Dughmosh continued “advocating for the death of infidels,” and “seeking martyrdom.” 

In 2019, the 34-year-old Syrian woman entered a Canadian Tire in Scarborough, with the intention to “hurt and kill people” for ISIS.  

Prior to her attack, Dughmosh attempted to leave Canada in 2016 to join the terror group abroad. 

She was stopped by Turkish authorities after flying to the country from Toronto and sent back to Canada. 

Despite her attempt, the RCMP did not lay any charges and closed their file. 

In 2019, Dughmosh entered a local Canadian Tire carrying several weapons, including a butcher knife and a crossbow. While in the store, she charged three employees and shouted terrorist slogans. 

No one was injured in the attack.