A 34-year-old ISIS combatant has been released on bail only a week after authorities brought terrorism charges against him in Calgary. 

Hussein Sobhe Borhot is facing four terror-related charges for his activities while in Syria between May 2013 and June 2014. 

According to Alberta RCMP’s Integrated National Enforcement Team, Borhot met and trained with the terror group during that period of time. 

Authorities allege that Borhot also carried out kidnappings for ISIS while he fought for them. He is currently being charged with several counts of participating in the activity of a terror group and committing an offence for a terror group. 

Despite the serious charges brought against him, provincial court Judge Anne Brown ordered that Borhot was to be released back into the community as long as he follows a number of conditions. 

Among the conditions imposed on Borhot is that he has to wear a tracking device on his ankle. Borhot is also required to post a $30,000 surety and report each week to an RCMP officer. 

According to Public Safety Canada, there are approximately 250 Canadians who have travelled abroad to fight for extremist groups like ISIS. 

Out of those, around 60 people who have participated in terror activities outside of Canada have already returned to the country. 

“There are approximately 250 CETs, both abroad and who have returned. Of the estimated 190 CETs currently abroad, nearly half have travelled to Turkey, Syria and Iraq. The remaining CETs are located in Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of North and East Africa,” writes the CSIS Public Report 2019. 

“These individuals have travelled to support and facilitate extremist activities and, in some cases, directly participate in violence. Some 60 individuals with a nexus to Canada who were engaged in extremist activities abroad have returned to Canada.”