Lockdown restrictions and coronavirus-related paranoia have taken a huge toll on Canadians’ mental health this year, with many individuals reporting suicidal thoughts.

A new study from the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) revealed that 40% of Canadians believe their mental health has declined throughout the pandemic, with a shocking 10% saying they have recently experienced thoughts of suicide.

Young people and people with pre-existing medical conditions are having a particularly hard time, with 60% and 61% reporting a decline in mental health, respectively.

Aside from the fear of contracting the coronavirus, the effects of lockdowns significantly contribute to declining mental health. Of those surveyed, 27% report fearing they will not be able to put food on the table, and 18% report fearing physical or mental abuse while trapped at home.

As originally reported by True North contributor Anthony Furey, a model published in Psychiatry Research projected that the pandemic may cause between 418 to 2,114 excess suicides in 2020.

Furey said in his latest column that politicians in Canada are blind to the social trauma being caused by lockdowns and quarantine rules.

“Judging by the way Canadian politicians emote in front of the cameras, you’d think the only real damage caused by lockdowns is the closure of small businesses,” he said.

“They say on loop that their hearts go out to businesses suffering from lockdowns, but that it’s all necessary to protect public health and so businesses should just take it on the chin and access the support programs made available to them.”

Residents of Manitoba, Quebec and parts of Ontario are only permitted contact with those from within their own household, while social gatherings, public events and religious services are banned.

Another tragic consequence of the pandemic has been a spike in opioid use and deaths across Canada, with Ontario alone facing a 38% increase in overdose deaths.

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