Liberal MP Adam Vaughan tweeted on Friday that the only kind of radicals he’s worried about are “Radical Conservatives.” 

Vaughan made the comments in response to US Senator Kelly Loeffler’s statement that “The fight against socialism and the radical agenda of the left is very far from over.”

Vaughan has been an MP since 2014. In October of that year, Vaughan, along with the rest of the Canadian government, had to go on lockdown due to an Islamist terror attack on Parliament Hill. 

The attack resulted in the death of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, who was shot while standing guard at the Canadian National War Memorial.

This is not the first time that Vaughan has sparked controversy for his comments. 

In 2019, the Toronto area MP was forced to publicly apologize after saying “Let’s just whack him” about Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

However, Vaughan is no stranger to the effects of radicalism in Canada. In 2020, as Black Lives Matter protests raged in Toronto and elsewhere, far-left extremists defaced several statues near and around the MP’s own riding.