While US President Joe Biden was being inaugurated on the steps of the Capitol, Canadian mainstream media journalists could barely contain their excitement on Twitter.

Journalists and columnists from mainstream media outlets such as the CBC, the Toronto Star, Global News and CTV all sang President Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ praise as they took their oath of office Wednesday afternoon.

True North has rounded up 11 different times that mainstream journalists gushed over the new US president. 

CTV News pundit admits to still having PTSD over Trump

While the inauguration was ongoing, CTV News pundit and correspondent Scott Reid indicated that his Trump-induced PTSD “will take some time to fade.” 

Maclean’s bureau chief interrupts her children’s education to dump on Trump

Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief Shannon Proudfoot tweeted that she interrupted her children’s education so that they could wave goodbye to Trump and embrace Harris. 

CBC journalist “crying” at inauguration performance

CBC business reporter Meegan Read emphasized her overjoyment  by tweeting the hashtag #crying in response to a performance of the national anthem by country music artist Garth Brooks.

Toronto Star columnist reminisces about meeting “kind” Joe Biden

Toronto Star columnist Susan Delacourt reminisced on Twitter about having the opportunity to meet Joe Biden and shared her impression of how kind and knowledgeable about Canada he was. 

Global News reporter in awe at Harris for being first black female, south asian VP 

Global News reporter Rachel Gilmore marked the “moment” of VP Harris’ oath of office by pointing out that she was the “first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president.” 

CBC editor gushes over mask-wearing 

CBC radio anchor and editor Kristy Snell took the opportunity to claim that her 17-year-old was enthusiastic about the amount of mask-wearing happening at the inauguration.

Toronto Star columnist shares her two “fave moments”

Toronto Star columnist Shree Paradkar shared her “two fave moments” including an embrace by Harris and former first lady Michelle Obama.

TV anchor and CTV panelist shares photo of daughter saluting Harris 

Newstalk 1010 anchor and CTV panelist Lucas Meyer marked the occasion by tweeting out a photo of his daughter allegedly saluting VP Harris without prompt as she took the oath of office on Wednesday. 

Toronto Star reporter hopes Biden speech reaches future generations

In a thread reporting on the inauguration, Toronto Star reporter Tonda MacCharles praised Biden’s speech as being a prayer and said that she hopes that its message would reach future generations. 

TV pundit and columnist overjoyed at “sanity” of Biden inauguration

TV pundit and frequent mainstream media columnist Andrew MacDougall showed his support for the “sanity” of the new president on Twitter.

Hill Times columnist calls inauguration address “amazing”

Hill Times columnist Les Whittington praised Biden’s address and “benediction” as “amazing” while the  inauguration was unfolding.