Derek Sloan has been booted from the Conservative Party of Canada’s caucus.

In a day-long caucus meeting Wednesday, Conservative MPs voted to remove Sloan two days after it was revealed a white supremacist donated $131 to his leadership campaign last year. 

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole announced Monday night that Sloan would be barred from running as a Conservative in the next election, though the Reform Act gives caucus members the final say over whether an MP can continue to sit with them.

Sloan is officially an independent member of parliament now, though he may choose to join another party.

O’Toole initiated the removal process Monday after a Press Progress story revealed the donation from white supremacist Paul Fromm.

The donation, one of 13,000 made to Sloan, was made under the name “Frederick P. Fromm,” a name Fromm is not known by publicly.

Sloan had said that the attempt to remove him was unfair, promising to fight it.

“If I am guilty of something, they are guilty of something. This is ridiculous,” Sloan said in a Facebook video on Monday.

“I’m not going to go down without a fight.”

Sloan notes that Fromm must have registered as a member of the Conservative Party, something the party should have noticed long ago. He added that no one from the party ever mentioned the donation to him before they announced he was being removed.