A “revolutionary” and anarchist-affiliated website published domestic terrorism instructions on Monday, detailing how to sabotage critical Canadian infrastructure. 

The website, titled Contrepoints, purports to be a decentralized network of anarchists with connections to Quebec. 

In an article titled, “16 easy ways to block a railroad” the extremist group details a variety of domestic terrorist tactics including the use of blockades, sabotage and the highly flammable industrial material thermite. 

“About a year ago, the Wet’suwet’en community’s call to block Canada made apparent to everyone how easily “Canada” could be shutted down [sic]. Since then, dozens and dozens of railroad blockades have taken place across the territories,” writes the anonymous author. 

“We hope that this text will serve as inspiration to respond even more intensely to the next call of First Peoples to block the country.” 

Last year, anarchist and far-left groups participated in the nation-wide rail blockade to protest the development of the BC LNG pipeline on Wet’suwet’en territory.

At the time, True North reported exclusively that a number of left-wing extremist websites were instructing followers to engage in illegal activity and target crucial Canadian infrastructure.

The article goes on to instruct visitors on how to conduct various criminal activities including arson. 

“Arson attacks on cable shafts have become widespread in the repertoire of militant action groups,” reads the website.

“The interruption of electricity supply, flows of goods or data, with the aim of disrupting the functioning of capitalist logic or the infrastructure of the state order, has always been a kind of resistance.”

Last year, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) classified “anarchist violence” under the umbrella category of “ideologically motivated violent extremism” alongside ethno-nationalist violence, anti-LGBTQ violence and the incel movement. 

“Anti-authority violence is defined as the opposition to, or rejection of, the authority of the State which leads to anti-Government and violence against law enforcement,” wrote CSIS.

According to the website’s about page, content on the platform is produced by a number of groups and individuals who post directly on the platform. 

“An internal forum is set up to allow groups and collectives to coordinate and/or share resources. Three working committees ensure the operation and maintenance of the platform: Web Infrastructure, Broadcasting, Support and coordination,” claims Contrepoints. 

A search for the website’s IP address reveals that the page is being hosted by the Italian company SeFlow and the page’s domain is based in Milan.