The majority of Canadians oppose the Trudeau government’s plan to raise the carbon tax every year, especially when informed on how much it will cost them.

According to a new poll conducted by policy think tank, 52% of Canadians oppose the Trudeau government’s carbon tax plan, with only 32% supporting it.

The number who oppose the carbon tax increased to 68% when they were told of the actual cost of the tax, such as an estimated $20 extra for a tank of gas.

“The data suggests Canadians don’t agree with the idea of raising the carbon tax every year for nine years,” said President Colin Craig. 

“Opposition grows when people understand the carbon tax will mean an extra $20 to fill up their car with gas or hundreds more each year to heat their homes.” also estimates the carbon tax will cost households an average of $700 extra for home heating.

When asked if the carbon tax will hurt businesses, 49% were certain businesses will be hurt while 36% said they will handle the increases.

In December, Trudeau announced the carbon tax will increase by $15 a year until it reaches $170 paper tonne in 2030. Government officials previously claimed the carbon tax would not increase after 2022.

“Canadians are concerned about what impact the carbon tax increases will have on businesses,” Craig said.

“Our economy is quite fragile right now. Research suggests that raising the tax will hurt businesses and cost our country thousands of jobs. The data suggests Canadians are interested in alternative ideas to reduce emissions that aren’t so punitive.”

Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Trudeau carbon tax was constitutional, deciding that climate change was a national emergency that justified aggressive federal action.