A poll commissioned by Public Safety Canada before the election shows that a vast majority of Canadians who support the Liberal government’s gun bans have very little knowledge of Canada’s firearms regulations. 

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the poll was published in a report titled Firearms Public Awareness Research. 

“Thinking each of these types of firearms should be illegal is lowest among those who indicate they are very familiar with firearms regulations in Canada, and highest among those not very or at all familiar,” the poll claimed. 

When Canadians were asked whether they were aware of the Liberal government’s decision to ban over 1,500 rifles and other bills, a whopping 89% said they knew absolutely nothing about the legislation. 

“The objective of this research was to set benchmarks of Canadians’ knowledge of the potential risks they face, their perception of the issue, their current level of understanding as well as their willingness to participate in new government programs,” wrote Environics, the company contracted to complete the survey. 

“Issues relating to the regulation of firearms have been very controversial in Canada for the past forty or so years. Many Canadians possess firearms for perfectly legitimate purposes, i.e. sport and hunting, and this is particularly the case in rural areas.”

Environics received $223,528 in taxpayer funds for the contract. 

Additionally, the poll found that 39% of respondents wanted rifles and shotguns to be illegal altogether, while 63% supported a handgun ban. 

As explored in the exclusive True North documentary series Assaulted, Liberal government policies have impacted legal gun owners disproportionally while doing little to curb violent gun crime. 

In fact, crime rates under the Trudeau government have surged nationally with shootings in Toronto doubling under the Liberals’ watch.