Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau joined the CBC for a town hall with undecided voters on Tuesday night. This provided the perfect contrast to show how differently the CBC and host Rosemary Barton treat Trudeau, versus how they treated Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole one night earlier.

The questions Trudeau faced were absurdly soft, some of the “undecided voters” were openly Liberal and Barton didn’t push back nearly as hard as she did against the Conservative Leader.

It’s no wonder why. This is the third straight election where Justin Trudeau has pledged more money to the CBC, promising them a bigger budget, higher salaries, more taxpayer money in exchange for this kind of coverage.

The CBC is the media arm of the Liberal Party of Canada, their television personalities pretend to be journalists, but they’re not, they are Trudeau allies helping their man get re-elected.

Watch Candice break it all down on this episode of The Candice Malcolm Show.