The price of certain food items is soaring across the country and surpassing the rate of inflation, new Statistics Canada data reveals. 

According to the federal department, meats, produce and dairy items are up 20% to 30% in select provinces. 

The increase was reported in Statistics Canada’s Food Prices In The Consumer Price Index report on Monday. 

“Movement in these average prices may not be the same as the Consumer Price Index. Products can vary in quality and quantity between outlets or between geographic areas,” wrote Statistics Canada researchers. 

“Brands and outlets can also vary from month to month. Therefore average prices may not necessarily be fully comparable from one month to another.”

Currently, the inflation rate sits at 4.1% but prices reported between August 2020 and August 2021 are amounting to a much larger increase. 

In Quebec, stewing beef has spiked by 10% while a litre of cream is up 16% over the time period reported. As for produce, the cost of oranges has increased by 17%. 

Manitobans are also feeling the hit in their pockets with butter increasing by 10% and ground beef up 16%. Meanwhile, pork ribs shot up a shocking 29%. 

Ontario has not been able to avoid the high cost of food either with prices for stewing beef up 6% and wieners increased by 15%. As for bacon, it has increased by 19% since last year. 

In Alberta, prices indicate that yogurt is up 6% and bacon is up 15% while the cost of apples has risen by 16% 

“Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic food prices have been impacted by factors such as weather, supply disruptions and shifting consumer demand,” Statistics Canada claimed. 

“In turn, this affects Canadians’ pocketbooks. Food is the second-largest component of the Consumer Price Index with Canadians directing about 17 percent of their expenditures to food.”

Groups like the Canadian Taxpayers Federation have warned that the cost of goods is being impacted by rising taxes including the federal carbon tax which has significantly contributed to the increased price of gas at the pump. 

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