The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has filed claims against four doctors who are publicly opposed to COVID-19 vaccines with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, according to a statement emailed to True North on Wednesday. 

The CPSO said in the statement that they are seeking to compel Dr. Celeste Jean Thirlwell, Dr. Mary Elizabeth O’Connor, Dr. Mark Raymond Trozzi and Dr. Rochagne Kilian to comply with ongoing investigations into their practices, including their issuance of medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines and testing. 

“In all four cases, the court filings indicate that their respective investigations were commenced following receipt of information, which includes copies of inappropriately issued exemptions,” said the CPSO. 

Dr. Thirlwell, a psychiatrist at the Centre for Sleep and Chronobiology, is alleged to have stated through her lawyer that if CPSO investigators attempt to obtain records from her office, “it will be resisted physically, by private security.” Dr.Thirlwell has taken the position that the college lacks “jurisdiction to police” medical exemptions. 

Dr. O’Connor, a family doctor from Ottawa, allegedly obstructed an investigation by refusing to provide medical records and patient information requested by the CPSO. Dr. O’Connor says she “will not be able to move forward without [the College’s] precise definition of COVID-19.” 

Dr. Trozzi, a family doctor from Harrow, Ont., believes the college does not have a “legal basis” to request patient lists and charts. Dr. Trozzi said “an Ontario doctor is free to provide medical exemptions relating to COVID-19 vaccinations as he or she sees fit.” 

Dr. Kilian, a former emergency room doctor from Owen Sound, Ont., was sent a notice because the college has received confirmation that she provides vaccine exemptions through Enable Air, a website facilitating the purchase of them. Dr. Kilian has taken the position that the college does not have jurisdiction to request patient lists and charts. 

Dr. Trozzi and Dr. Kilian were restricted from issuing medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines, testing and masks on Oct. 15. 

These two doctors could no longer issue exemptions related to these matters, and they were ordered to maintain a detailed log of patients that would be submitted for inspections by the CPSO. 

It remains unclear whether the college considers any exemptions the doctors issued prior to these restrictions as legitimate. 

The CPSO barred Kilian from practicing medicine on Oct. 29, alleging her activities put patients’ health at risk. 

She has spoken out multiple times against mask mandates, the safety of vaccines and lockdown measures. 

Thirlwell, O’Connor, Trozzi and Kilian could not be reached for further comment in time for publication.