Canadians hoping to help British Columbians impacted by flooding and evacuations have several options at their disposal.

A number of charities and organizations are providing aid to flood-stricken areas like Abbotsford and Merritt. 

The Toronto-based disaster relief organization GlobalMedic is among them. GlobalMedic is hoping to create hundreds of clean-up kits to help families when they return to their homes after the waters have abated. 

“Right now we’re in an acute emergency phase with people having to leave their homes, but they will have to go back at some point,” the company’s Emergency Programs Officer Jamie Cross told CTV News. 

“Our volunteers are putting together clean-up kits to help support that rebuilding phase once they move back into the area. So, the kits will contain things like disinfectant cleaners, garbage bags, gloves, and it’s all packed in a bucket that can be used to move any water out that’s still remaining.”

Additionally, GlobalMedic hopes to send food into affected areas that have reportedly been impacted by supply chain shortages due to a lack of road access into certain parts of the province. 

Canadians hoping to support GlobalMedics operations can visit their website to make a donation to its emergency fund. People who wish to donate will be allowed to decide how their funds are used or can specify that they want their money to be put towards BC flood relief. 

Those who want to send money directly to victims of the floods can visit GoFundMe, which has created a list of verified fundraisers for cities and even individual families themselves. 

Campaigns are currently ongoing to send support for Abbotsford, Merritt and Princeton. Additionally, there are fundraisers to help save a local marketplace and animal sanctuary which has been impacted by the weather event.  

A specific fund for Princeton has also been set up with the oversight of city officials and has already collected $2,000 in relief funds and will end on November 22. 

“Our volunteers have stepped up and we’re all getting everything done that’s needed to be done so I’m very proud of our community,” Hope Mayor Peter Robin told Global News. 

“It’s just been remarkable how quickly everyone has responded to the needs.”

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