CBC/Radio-Canada has 125 senior directors earning between $112,000 and $186,000 per year, True North has learned. 

The information was obtained from an ATIP True North submitted to the public broadcaster requesting the salaries of various positions for 2021.

After senior directors, executive producers are the second-highest earning “band,” making $82,609 to $103,848 per year, according to the document. 

This is followed by senior producers, who make between $76,480 to $96,222. 

CBC/Radio-Canada said in the document that their agreement with the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) requires negotiations on salaries to take place every year after 2020 and that salary increases have been set at 1.5% since 2019.

“When determining how salaries are established, one element is to review data from comparable Canadian companies, as well as a selection of Crown corporations and federally regulated companies,” said CBC media relations and issues management director Leon Mar in a statement to True North on Monday.   

The lowest-earning employees at CBC are positions such as assistant fabric specialists, editorial assistants and library assistants, who earn between $36,774 to $51,155 for a 38.75-hour work week, 

Mar said CBC is committed to accountability and transparency by disclosing these salaries. 

“By providing this information, the corporation is at the forefront of other Crown corporations and other broadcasters, providing a clear picture of the remuneration earned by its employees, while maintaining its ability to attract and retain high-calibre talent in a very competitive broadcasting industry and respecting existing federal law regarding the privacy of individual’s specific salaries,” he said. 

CBC/Radio-Canada’s president and CEO had a base salary range of $390,300 to $459,100 in 2019. The two executive vice presidents collected $275,000 to $411,278 and the five vice presidents garnered $250,000 to $411,278. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to spend more taxpayer dollars on CBC even while the crown corporation’s revenues decline, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. 

CBC’s annual report presented to Parliament revealed that their advertising revenue fell by 10% between 2020-2021. 

Trudeau tasked Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez in his mandate letter with providing “additional funding” to the state broadcaster. 

Public financial disclosures revealed that CBC/Radio-Canada receives $1.2 billion in government funding every year, accounting for 71.2% of their revenue.