With opponents of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy working overtime to smear the tens of thousands of truckers and their supporters as violent extremists, convoy organizers have sent out a memo urging participants to be wary of any traps being laid for them.

According to the document obtained by True North, one of these traps is being driven by a comparison between the Canadian freedom convoy and the Jan. 6 2021 US Capitol riots in Washington, DC. The violent event saw US protestors swarm the Capitol Buildings in an alleged attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 Elections.

“The Government of Canada is… working hard to establish a ‘January 6th narrative’ whereby they will claim that the convoy is attempting to overthrow the state and then respond with both targeted and mass arrests,” the Freedom Convoy’s organizers stated on Friday.

They went on to warn participants:

a.  Do not enter federal buildings under any circumstances, even if invited

b. Photograph and report anyone who advocates violence. Photos and videos should be sent directly to convoy organizers or the police of jurisdiction.

c.  Be aware of anyone who joins up with you, and then starts steering the conversation towards hatred and/or violence. They could be either feds or individuals seeking violence.

The freedom convoy has galvanized Canadians across the country, gained the support of millions around the world and has done so in an unprecedented spirit of peaceful patriotism.

Despite this, the Trudeau government, the legacy media and a batch of cherry-picked experts” have accused truckers of representing – or having been infiltrated by – far-right fringe elements bent on violence and hatred.

On Saturday, Trudeau was moved from Rideau Cottage to an undisclosed location over “security concerns.” Prior to the convoy reaching Ottawa, he went into self-isolation after supposedly being in contact with somebody who has COVID-19, despite not showing any symptoms and despite receiving a negative rapid test.

On Wednesday, Trudeau had called the convoy a “small fringe minority” holding “unacceptable views,” an opinion that received international condemnation.

In response to Trudeau’s accusations, convoy organizers have reminded participants that “Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberal Party received only 21% of all REGISTERED VOTERS in Canada…It is Justin Trudeau and Transport Minister Omar Alghabra who are the fringe minority in Canada. Most Canadians support you.”

“The Freedom Convoy is a unifying force which will not be tolerated by the so-called “elites” or the parasitic class which supports Trudeau at the national and international level.”

“It will put fear in the hearts of those who support globalism, Build Back Better, the Great Reset and/or progressivism.”

The convoy organizers anticipate the government’s smear tactics will only continue, “supported by the paid-for mainstream media in Canada,” and continuing “to focus on single individuals speaking out and then stating they represent the whole convoy.”

The campaign to stain the protest has continued on Saturday, but some of its efforts have already fallen apart. One CBC reporter who originally claimed he’d received hateful texts from a convoy organizer later admitted the messages had come from an unknown number.

Convoy organizers and supporters have stated from the beginning that anybody with radical views is not welcome to participate, and those found to be causing disruptions will be asked to leave or be reported to law enforcement.

The Truckers for Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa on Saturday, with protests and rallies planned throughout the weekend. Though the movement began in opposition to the Trudeau government’s vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers, it now calls for an end to all mandates, restrictions and lockdowns under COVID-19.

True North is on the ground in Ottawa and will post frequent updates.