The Freedom Convoy has arrived in Ottawa, and their positive and hopeful message has inspired freedom-loving people all over the world. 

Unfortunately, much of the legacy media coverage has not focused on the optimistic story about the truckers, the groundswell of support they received and the many communities across Canada who have united and rallied behind their cause. Instead, the media has chosen to focus on two or three men flying egregious flags. 

Two or three men flying racist flags should not taint an entire movement.  But actual Nazis should be named, shamed and driven out of the Freedom Convoy movement.  We need to know who these individuals are and why they are trying to harm the reputation of hard-working Canadians using their democratic right to hold a peaceful protest.

I decided to put it to the tens of thousands of independent journalists in Ottawa – the men and women who are present at the Freedom Convoy – to see if anyone could help me identify these individuals. 

I woke up this morning to nearly 100 DMs in my Twitter inbox, many from people simply thanking me for trying to get to the bottom of this, truckers telling me they want to see the Nazi flag destroyed as it has nothing to do with their movement, and several more donors pledging thousands more dollars to the pot (It now stands at $6,500) to whoever can successfully identify this Nazi flag guy. 

Thanks to dozens of specific and helpful tips, suggestions, ideas, eye-witness accounts and a few new photos, this is what I’ve been able to piece together so far. 

Users tell me the original photo was likely taken at Major’s Hill Park, with the backdrop showing the Locks and the Canal in the background. Note that the park is also next to the US Embassy and across the street from Byward Market. There is a large parking lot at the Market and a number of bus routes that lead to Rideau Street and Rideau Centre Mall. The Nazi flag guy could have easily parked or jumped off a bus and been in this location in under a minute. 

Some users claim the photo is photoshopped, pointing to the shadows and the different way the wind is blowing each of the flags. Another user pointed out how strange it is to see people sitting on park benches, given that the temperature was somewhere between -13C and -17C.

Next, the Nazi flag guy can be seen walking along the terrace of the Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel, which is directly beside Major’s Hill Park. It would have taken less than a minute to walk from the park to this location. 

Again, some users insist this is photoshopped. They point to the reflection in the window, the vivid colour of the flag in the reflection, and the way that the flagpole cannot be seen in the reflection. These photos look real to me, however, and I’ve now seen enough pictures and a video to be convinced that this was not photoshopped. 

Finally, we have received new footage of Nazi flag guy outside the Château Laurier. This is the clearest, best image of the individual yet.  

This was taken as an Apple live photo that has been turned into a video. I’ve also zoomed in so you can see his face. It was taken at 1:57pm local time on Saturday afternoon in Ottawa. 

Who is this man? Can you identify him?

If you can help identify him, the True North reward is now up to $6,500. 

Final interesting tip – a Facebook user named “MIckey Anthony” who claims to live in “Wuhan China.” It looks suspicious, perhaps a fake account, but the user was trolling on Ben Shapiro’s Facebook page yesterday claiming to be the one carrying the flags at the rally. 

My guess is this is some guy in his mum’s basement, but I’m adding it to the mix just in case anyone knows this guy or can verify if it’s really him. 

That’s it for now folks – please keep the tips coming and help us get to the bottom of this. 

Send tips here: [email protected] 

And if you want to chip into our reward fund, please follow this link and make a donation. We will keep it separate from our general donations and make sure it goes to whoever can help identify the Nazi flag guy.