Journalists and politicians have been tripping over each other to identify anybody who donated to the Freedom Convoy after hackers illegally leaked GiveSendGo donor data on Monday. 

Legacy media outlets including the CBC and the Ottawa Citizen have been publishing personally identifiable information of Canadian citizens who donated to the Freedom Convoy. The practice – otherwise known as “doxxing” –  involves publicly identifying individuals by publishing their private information with malicious intent. 

True North has rounded up the most prominent figures who have engaged in sharing the illegal data contents. Names have been blurred out in order to protect the identity of those doxxed. 

Gerald Butts

Former principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was among those who linked to illegally obtained information identifying business owners, civil servants and even students who donated as little as $100 to the convoy. 

The Toronto Watcher thread that Butts shared directly named individuals, their place of employment or what school they attended. 

Ottawa city councillor Mathieu Fleury

Ottawa city councillor Mathieu Fleury also joined in the doxxing by publishing the names of convoy donors on his personal Twitter account. Among those identified by Fleury was a retired Ottawa employee. 

CTV anchor Graham Richardson

CTV anchor Graham Richardson tweeted on Tuesday that he was contacting individuals included in the illegal GiveSendGo data leak and was going to publish the names when those people “have confirmed they donated.” 

Dean Blundell

Soon after the GiveSendGo data was leaked, disgraced former radio host Dean Blundell published an article linking to the donor list. Blundell also published several names on his website. 

Ottawa Citizen editor Blair Cawford 

Ottawa Citizen editor Blair Crawford penned an article doxxing the owner of a local ice cream parlour after her name appeared on the hacked donor list. The business owner was forced to close her store after receiving threats. 

Frank Magazine Atlantic

Frank Magazine Atlantic has been publishing the photos and names of several people who contributed to the GiveSendGo and were identified in the illegally obtained data. Among those doxxed by Frank Magazine was an Afghan war vet and his wife. The outlet also published the private information of a university professor and others.