On Day 26 of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy, two protest organizers were arrested by Ottawa Police, downtown Ottawa was closed off behind checkpoints and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that the government had frozen the accounts of Canadian citizens who donated to the convoy. 

Two convoy organizers had been arrested as of this article’s publication. 

Chris Barber and Tamara Lich were filmed being taken into police custody today.

According to the Freedom Convoy’s Twitter page, charges against Chris Barber include “counselling to commit mischief, obstruction, and counselling to commit obstruction,” while Tamara Lich is being charged only with “counselling to commit mischief.”

Other protesters were also seen being arrested today by Ottawa Police. 

Here an Ottawa police car hauls away an arrested protester through a large crowd. 

In response to the spike in arrests by Ottawa Police, protesters were seen linking arms in defiance. 

Despite the arrests of two of the convoy’s leaders, the atmosphere on Wellington Street remained positive tonight. 

Protesters can be seen singing and dancing. 

Ottawa Police closed off the downtown core today and set up checkpoints around the city. 

Among the major routes shut down by police include Portage Bridge, Alexandra Bridge, Sir John A Macdonald Pkwy and Queen Elizabeth Driveway.

Interim Ottawa Police chief Steve Bell outlined his plan.

“(W)e have introduced a secure area.The secured area includes the area from Bronson Avenue to the canal and from the Queensway to Parliament Hill,” Bell said. 

“The secured area includes almost 100 checkpoints that will have police presence to ensure that those seeking entry to that secured area for an unlawful reason such as joining a protest cannot enter the downtown core.”

This satellite image details the scope of the shut down.

In a press conference today, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland was asked whether individuals who had donated to the Freedom Convoy had had their credit cards and bank accounts frozen. 

“The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen,” Freeland responded.

Freeland reiterated that anyone whose trucks were involved in the protest would have their corporate accounts frozen. 

“The consequences are real, and they will bite,” Freeland said.

The Givesendgo set up by the Truckers for Freedom Convoy organizers had reached USD $9,627,720  by the time this article was published.


  • Harrison Faulkner

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