Imagine for me, you’re at a gasoline pump and see the price of gas at $2 a litre. You stand there seeing the meter go up and up. You look at your kids sitting in the car, and you realize they’re going to have to go a little hungry so you can afford your two fill-ups per week to get to work an hour away.

Now imagine a different scenario. Gas-powered cars were banned, and you’re stuck with an electric one. But the strain from the 33 million vehicles Canadians drive is too much on the grid. And then an emergency hits, and you need to leave, but your electric car is dead. And now your family is stuck.

Finally, imagine an environmentalist from 1970 shouting “ban, block and shut down” outside a power plant being teleported to 2022, and then being told that the heralds of his cause have not come up with a new idea in 50 years.

These feel like exaggerations. But there are two men for whom this isn’t a wild story – it’s their entire plan. Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

If, like me, you watched Game of Thrones you know about the great Houses of Westeros. Stark, Lannister, Targaryan. Each House had its motto. We all know House Stark’s “Winter is Coming”.

Many famous families today have mottos. For example, the royal motto of the United Kingdom is Dieu et Mon Droit – “God and my right”.

Now if Mr. Trudeau had a motto it would probably be “um.”

But Steven Guilbeault’s would be “Unfair, Unrealistic, Uneven.”

Uneven Steven is a fanatic with extremist ideas and a history of radical activism to match. Recently he was caught in an interview with the Narwhal saying he wanted to “phase out Oil & Gas in 18 months”. Which doesn’t mean we’ll only get rid of some of it. Or you’ll have a bit less. It means none. Zero.

His media allies rushed to his defense saying he was talking about subsidies. Nonetheless, he revealed his hand.

Uneven Steven’s solution to the emissions problem is to get rid of the 500,000 or so jobs that the oil and gas sector touches in Canada. That’s a lot of hard-working Canadians without a paycheque to feed their families.

It also means getting rid of our baseload 80% energy provided by oil and gas that would have to be provided by unreliable wind turbines and solar panels – which, by the way, requires the most materials of any energy source. Like strategic minerals that are mined with child labour in Africa, and slave labour under the communist government in China.

And not only do they have the highest material needs, but they also can’t be recycled well. There are landfills all across the globe full of wind turbine pieces, solar panel bits, and the batteries of electric vehicles – full of toxic chemicals spilling into the environment.

They’re peddling fairy dust. It’s energy denialism.

On top of all this they also want to increase the carbon tax, crank it way up.

To help explain, here’s a number – $10.

For every $10/tonne the carbon tax goes up, you owe $0.23 a litre on gasoline. So when the carbon tax goes up to $170/tonne on April 1st this year – a 467% increase (Trudeau gets a raise on the same day by the way) – you’ll be paying a total of $0.40 a litre in carbon tax.

And gas is already at record highs across the country.

Of course when gas goes up, everything goes up with it. In December, Canada’s inflation rate hit nearly 5%. That means you get poorer very fast. It means you struggle to feed your family. It means energy poverty for millions.

And the worst part about all of Uneven Steven and Trudeau’s schemes? They won’t remove a single gram of CO2 from the air.

They are actively suppressing and hiding the real solution – Carbon Tech.

Carbon Tech is an awesome new technology. It actually takes the CO2 out of the air and turns it into a usable product. We can use it for fertilizer or turn it into pencil graphite. Heck, we can even make alcohol out of it. It’s a miracle cure for the emissions problem.

And now the EU is declaring Natural Gas a Green Product – which Canada makes in abundance, with the world’s best standards. If we could get it to displace wood and coal burning in places like China and Germany, global emissions would tank.

But Uneven Steven and Trudeau don’t like this because it doesn’t benefit their big government schemes and agendas.

Because they are unfair, unrealistic and uneven.

Winter is here for Canadians. And it will come every year as it always does. Do you want to keep your family warm with natural gas, or wind turbines?

Global energy demands are only going up. Canada needs to be the one to supply it. We can literally save the world. 

Let’s get our best-in-the-world product to the rest of the world.

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