Just how far will the legacy media go to defend Chrystia Freeland and the Liberals?

Freeland recently posted – and then deleted – a photo of herself at a Ukrainian rally in Toronto holding a black and red flag representative of a militant Neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine.

The banner represents the Bandera movement – Bandera was a literal Nazi who helped carry out Hilter’s holocaust in Ukraine by murdering over 100,000 Jews and Poles.

The legacy media didn’t cover Freeland’s colossal misstep – True North did.

But now, three days later, multiple legacy media outlets finally got around to covering the story. But, get this: rather than holding Freeland accountable for this reckless move, instead these articles seek to hold True North accountable for the crime of reporting it.

They smeared us as “unwittingly participating” in Russian disinformation.

The lowest of the low was the National Post, once considered Canada’s last bastion of conservative thought in the legacy media.
I kid you not, the National Post quoted some “expert” minimizing and whitewashing the concept of “blood and soil” – the most prominent and despicable Nazi slogan.

You can’t make this stuff up. What a sad, pathetic new low for Canada’s bailout media.