The legacy media in Canada is every bit as dishonest and corrupted as you and I suspect. Last month when True North broke the story of Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland holding a Nazi banner at a Ukrainian rally in Toronto, a handful of legacy media reporters picked up our scoop. 

Most wrote their stories according to Freelend’s Liberal spin – that Freeland had done nothing wrong, the any critics of the Liberals were spreading “Russian disinformation” and that True North’s journalists were to blame for writing this story. 

So much for holding a powerful politician accountable for her reckless actions. 

The legacy media didn’t even bother to point out the hypocrisy given that the Liberals accused the Conservatives of “standing with those who wave Swastikas” at the Trucker rally. 

One rare and honest legacy media story came from iPolitics, who accurately recounted the events and blamed Freeland for her blunder. 

Interestingly, a few hours later, iPolitics issued a “correction” and changed the tone of the story to reflect the legacy media groupthink. Blame should not be aimed at the powerful woman holding the Nazi banner, it should be aimed at those talking about it! 

True North has learned that the “correction” was issued after interference from Freeland’s office – who “pressured” iPolitics to change the story. 

The Liberals said “jump”, the legacy media ask “how high?”

This caused the reporter who wrote the original story, Rachel Emmanuel, to resign out of principle. She now writes for the independent outlet the Western Standard, and she wrote an opinion column describing the ordeal. 

Today on the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by Rachel Emmanuel, who recounts the story and talks about the fundamental problems facing the media and why trust in journalists is at an all time low.