The majority of Canadians did not vote for Justin Trudeau in the last election. In fact, the Liberals won with the smallest share of the vote in Canadian history. It’s clear many Canadians do not approve of Trudeau running the country – this means the next Conservative leader has a very good chance of beating Trudeau in the next election.

However, the same was said during the last three elections. Conservatives have come very close in every election since 2015 but have fallen short in dethroning Trudeau.

What’s the path to victory for the Conservatives?

In recent weeks, we’ve started hearing the same failed strategy from the failed backrooms of the party. They argue that the party should become more like the Liberals and NDP – embrace leftist progressive ideologies in order to win. They think the Conservatives should be fiscally prudent and socially woke.

These strategists are wrong. We just need to look at how poorly Erin O’Toole performed in the last election to see that this strategy did not work.

On this episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by pollster Hamish Marshall to discuss why the Red Tory/Blue Liberal strategy just doesn’t work, why O’Toole failed despite his best attempts to woo leftist voters and what the next Conservative leader needs to do in order to win.