YouTubers and other influencers are taking to social media to express their dismay over the Liberal government passing its online censorship law, Bill C-11. 

Bill C-11 would revamp Canada’s Broadcasting Act and give the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission the ability to regulate content posted online – including user-generated content. 

Critics of the legislation have accused the government of attempting to control the information people see online and potentially using regulatory powers to bury dissident or independent creators. 

Earlier this week, the law passed its third and final reading and is currently on its way to be debated in the Senate. 

A large array of content creators have come out to condemn the bill and express concern that their content will be affected by the law. Some have even contemplated leaving Canada or altering the location of their channels to list another country. 

Livestreamer Rick Kackis: “It’s simply terrifying” 

Gaming YouTuber and Twitch streamer Rick Kackis posted a video to Twitter on Wednesday to blast Bill C-11 over potential impacts to his channel. 

“My life and the life of other Canadian YouTubers just got turned upside down. Our government just passed Bill C-11 which gives them control over what Canadian citizens see on the internet,” said Kackis. 

“Where do we go from here? No one knows, it’s simply terrifying. People in the states. Got any good deals on housing? Because apparently, I’ve got to move.”

Singer and Actress Hailey Reese: “I will never view my country the same”

Canadian YouTube singer and actress Hailey Reese expressed her frustration with Canada soon after it was revealed that Bill C- 11 had passed its third House reading. 

“If Bill C-11 actually goes through I will never view my country the same,” said Reese.

In a separate tweet, Reese explained how the bill would limit her reach. 

“It’s essentially that basically only Canadian content will be shown to other Canadians and our government will control what we’re shown and where we’re shown as content creators,” tweeted Reese. 

Toronto YouTuber Jessii Vee: “I’m debating moving” 

In response to fellow content creator Hailey Reese, Toronto YouTuber Jessii Vee revealed that she was contemplating moving if Bill C-11 gets passed into law. 

“I’m debating moving if it goes through. So crazy!” tweeted Vee. 

Animator Kevin Parry: “Has there been one good argument?” 

Animator and special effects artist Kevin Parry asked on Twitter whether there have been any valid arguments in favour of Bill C-11 before giving the law a thumbs down. 

“Has there been one good argument in favour of Bill C-11?” tweeted Parry. 

YouTuber BeforeTheyWereFamous: “It’s a death blow for my business”

YouTuber and celebrity interviewer BeforeTheyWereFamous made a short video explaining Bill C-11. According to him, regulating social media content would potentially kill his business by limiting his reach.

“I can’t get into all the nitty gritty here but it would pretty much be like a death blow for my business. Not all my employees are Canadian, we do produce the show in Canada but if I were to only talk about Canadian things or have my content served primarily to Canadians well I might as well just start yelling out my car window on the highway. You can’t be a digital media company and only work with this audience,” said BeforeThey WereFamous.  

Streamer Chaseroony: “I can’t upload anymore” 

In a short Twitter thread, streamer of the popular game Roblox Chaseroony tweeted to his fans to say goodbye now that Bill C-11 has passed the House of Commons. 

“Goodbye guyz bill c11 passed I can’t upload anymore,” tweeted Chaseroony. “One day i’ll be Canadian enough.” 

In response to the tweet fellow Roblox YouTuber advised to “just change your country on YouTube from Canada to somewhere else.”