It’s Fake News Friday on the Candice Malcolm Show!

This week, Candice and Harrison Faulkner discuss why Canadians no longer have trust in our national institutions and why the blame should be put on the institutions and the legacy media – despite their best attempts to convince you otherwise. The legacy media and other government institutions have failed to hold government to account and failed to serve the interests of Canadians.

Also on the show this week, some MPs are too afraid to walk outside because of mean tweets – so much so that they are now requesting “panic buttons” to be able to alert local authorities to come to their aid if they feel they are in danger. Why didn’t MPs need “panic buttons” after a terrorist stormed parliament? Why have our politicians become so meek and mild?

Finally, a CBC op-ed writer whines about the fact that men can no longer compete in women’s swimming competitions and believes that Canada is “excluding” men from competing against women in sports.

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