Tamara Lich is returning to jail after being denied bail

At a brief court appearance Friday afternoon, Justice of the Peace Paul Harris remanded Lich into detention in Ottawa, claiming that releasing her would undermine public confidence in the administration of justice.

Lich is accused of violating her previous bail conditions, specifically one preventing her from communicating with other Freedom Convoy organizers including Benjamin Dichter, Chris Barber, and Tom Marzzo except in the presence of counsel.

The breach charge relies on a photo taken at a dinner hosted by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) where Lich posed with Tom Marazzo. Lich’s defense relied on the fact that her lawyers were present at the event.

Harris leaned on new information regarding a text exchange in which Lich references a “plan” by convoy organizers to “gridlock” Ottawa as evidence to support Lich’s leadership role in the convoy. 

Harris says that lawyers being present was a “misguided excuse” and that Lich “flaunted” her release.

“Vulnerable victims of the convoy protest undoubtedly will continue to fear a continuation of the protest if persons such as Ms. Lich and Mr. Marazzo are allowed to continue to communicate and socialize.” said Harris.

Harris said the convoy placed Ottawa residents in a “continual state of fear,” and that Lich chose to accept an award honouring her role in the convoy.

He added that the continuation of freedom protests in Ottawa and elsewhere in the country means Tamara Lich, as a convoy organizer, poses a risk to the public.

“Lich’s detention is necessary to maintain the confidence in the administration of Justice.” Harris said

Tamara Lich will remain in custody until July 14 at 1:30PM where she will appear in court by video.