Hong Kong dissident and journalist Victor Ho says he will not back down on holding elections for a “parliament in exile” in the face of threats from Beijing.

Ho faces arrest by the Hong Kong Security Bureau for his activism. According to him, a team of dissidents are working “full gear” to hold an election for their proposed parliament by 2024. 

“Instead, I feel it is ridiculous that a government which never represents its own people now wants to bring me and other activists to justice,” said Ho. 

In July, Ho and other Hong Kong activists announced their intention to hold elections triggering a fierce response from authorities beholden to China since the city implemented the Hong Kong National Security Law. 

Authorities with the Security Bureau called on people to “dissociate themselves from individuals contravening the Hong Kong National Security Law, and the illegal activities those individuals organized, so as to avoid bearing any unnecessary legal risks.”

The Security Bureau went on to “severely condemn” Ho and others saying they would “spare no efforts in pursuing the cases in accordance with the law in order to bring the offenders to justice.”

Their statement named Ho and the other activists involved in the project. 

“No matter where you are located, inside or outside of Hong Kong, you can participate in the voting process,” said Ho. 

According to the group, the parliament in exile was founded on “the principle of universal suffrage and will truly represent the voices and interests of Hong Kongers around the world.”

“If you bring democracy back to Hong Kongers, they know how to make the best out of it,” he continued. 

Earlier this month, agents with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) met with Ho after he was placed on the blacklist. 

According to Ho, the meeting was “friendly and courteous” and the two agents were there to check on his wellbeing.