Court records show that Myles Sanderson, who was arrested by police Wednesday for the largest mass stabbing in Canadian history, tried to stab two of the victims of the attack seven years ago. 

Sanderson died in police custody on Wednesday after a nationwide manhunt. 

According to Global News, in 2015, Sanderson was accused of “repeatedly stabbing” Earl Burns with a knife and attacking Joyce Burns – who were his in-laws. 

Sources told the outlet that Earl died in the James Smith Cree Nation attack while Joyce was numbered among those injured. 

A total of 10 people were killed by Myles and his deceased brother Damien Sanderson while another 17 were injured. 

Sanderson has a storied criminal record as an adult including 59 convictions for an assortment of crimes. 

Court files show that Sanderson had exhibited similar behaviours in the past involving a knife. One Jan. 26, 2015 incident resulted in  Sanderson being charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon for attacking the Burns. 

He served only two years less than a day and had to pay a fine for the incident. 

Sanderson served time in prison as early as February when the Parole Board of Canada released him after claiming that he no longer posed a threat to the general public. 

“The Board is satisfied that your risk is manageable in the community, if you live with your [redacted] maintain sobriety and employment, and continue with developing supports, including getting therapy,” wrote the board in a ruling.

“To your benefit, you do seem to have maintained sobriety, obtained employment, engaged a therapist, were engaged in cultural ceremonies, had obtained a home for your family, and appeared to have been making good progress on reintegration.”

Sanderson also was charged with abusing his former partner Vanessa Burns on multiple occasions going as far back as 2011.

The mass killing has brought renewed attention on Canada’s justice system for not having prevented the attack.