Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has asked the RCMP to investigate whether criminal charges can be pressed against Diagolon podcaster Jeremy MacKenzie for threatening to sexually assault his wife, Anaida Poilievre. 

Over the weekend a podcast clip surfaced in which MacKenzie and guest Alex Vriend made the derogatory and threatening comments towards her. 

“Let’s rape her. It’s not really a sex thing. It’s like we just want to show people that we can do things to you if we want to. It’s a power move,” MacKenzie said. 

In response to the “disgusting comments,” Poilievre said he has forwarded a complaint to law enforcement to possibly bring criminal charges against those implicated. 

“This weekend I became aware of disgusting comments made by Jeremy MacKenzie and another man, where they discuss sexually assaulting my wife. These men are dirtbags,” wrote Poilievre. 

“My office has referred these comments to the RCMP to assess whether criminal charges should be laid.” 

“People can attack my politics, they can call me names, they can protest my ideas and what I stand for. But threatening my wife and family is appalling and I will not tolerate it. Leave my family alone.”

According to CBC News, the RCMP have yet to respond to whether there is an ongoing investigation into the matter. 

Prior to becoming leader earlier this month, legacy media outlets attempted to smear Poilievre as being associated to Diagolon after MacKenzie appeared in a photograph with Poilievre at a campaign event. 

“Frankly, like most Canadians, until about a month ago I never heard of Diagolon and these losers. They are all odious,” wrote Poilievre. 

“This kind of garbage has no place in Canada.” 

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the incident without mentioning Poilievre himself. 

“No one should ever be subject to threats of violence or the kind of hatred that we’ve seen increasingly in the public discourse, in the public sphere,” said Trudeau.