NDP MP Charlie Angus is accusing Alberta Premier Danielle Smith of pushing “pro-Russian, pro-Putin separatist propaganda.”

Speaking in the House of Commons, Angus called Smith the “face of the conservative movement,” adding, “I mean, oh my God, where to begin.”

“You know, we find out now that she has been promoting pro-Russian, pro-Putin separatist propaganda,” Angus said.

“That’s not acceptable when we see the horrific death rates and torture and killing and rapes happening in Ukraine and yet she says that those who didn’t want to wear a mask are the most discriminated against people in the history of Canada.”

Smith did not say the unmasked were the most discriminated against in Canada. In a press conference last week, the new premier said the unvaccinated were the most discriminated group in Canada she’s ever witnessed.

But Angus’ comments on Russia were in reference to comments Smith made on the social media platform Locals in April. During a live stream, Smith said the only way to resolve the war is if Ukraine remains “neutral.”

“I think the only answer for Ukraine is neutrality. There are thriving nations that have managed with neutrality,” Smith said in the live stream.

Angus did not elaborate on how calling for Ukrainian neutrality was “pro-Russian propaganda.” 

In response to Angus’ allegations, Smith’s press secretary Becca Polak said the Alberta government contributed over $23 million for Ukrainian relief efforts. Smith will be looking into fast tracking and financially supporting the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees and their families, Polack said.

“The Premier has also committed to working with the Federal Government to expedite work visas,” Polack told True North.

“Albertans have seen the disastrous policies of the NDP-Notley-Singh-Trudeau alliance and they’ve rejected it. Our government will continue to support Albertans building the most prosperous, affordable, and liveable province in Canada.”

Of course, the $23 million was committed by  former Premier Jason Kenney, who resigned last week once Smith won the leadership of the United Conservative Party (UCP). 

But True North asked Smith if she supports the funding — which includes $10 million Kenney promised in his final week in office — and Smith affirmed that she does. 

Angus’ comments come as Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley is gearing up for a spring general election against Smith’s UCP. Notley has begun her attacks against the new premier — including calling for an apology for Smith’s comments on unvaccinated discrimination.

She’s also been one of the loudest voices criticising Smith’s past comments on Ukraine. 

On Sunday, Notley said Smith’s comments demonstrated “horrendous judgement” by showing “sympathy to an international war criminal and an illegal invasion of Ukraine.”


  • Rachel Emmanuel

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