Some Canadian media members are having a meltdown over business magnate Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter on Thursday. 

Musk’s purchase engendered cartoonish comparisons to fictional villains, pledges to leave Twitter and anger towards the prospect of the return of former US president Donald Trump to the platform. 

True North has compiled some of the most Canadian hysterical responses to Musk taking over Twitter. 

CBC’s 22Minutes says Twitter to become hate speech forum

Corner Gas writer Gary Pearson says “Musk is a monster”

Radio host Kevin Frankish tells Musk “we don’t want Trump”

Globe and Mail journalist Ian Brown compares Musk to Roman emperor Nero

Cartoonist Michael de Adder compares Musk to Avengers supervillain

“Disinformation researcher” Caroline Orr Bueno concocts Twitter conspiracy theory

Canadian Geographic journalist Brandon Withrow claims “sharp increase” in hate

Ottawa Citizen columnist Andrew MacDougall argues with Musk about citizen journalism

Reporter Don Bradshaw angry that “crime family” head Donald Trump could return

CTV reporter Stephanie Thomas ominously tweets “it begins” about Twitter firings

Toronto Star reporter Raisa Patel defends Bill C-11 in response to Musk

CBC reporter Gregor Craigie compares Musk to Darth Vader