One Iranian group called the booing of Liberal MP Majid Jowhari during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech this Sunday a show of “deep displeasure” with the federal government’s policies on Iran. 

President of the Council of Iranian Canadians (CIC) Avideh Motmâenfar told True North that Jowhari is seen by many in the community to be an apologist of the country’s theocratic dictatorship. 

“The Prime Minister’s mention of Majid Jowhari elicited such a negative reaction from the crowd because Mr Jowhari, as the representative of a community of Iranian Canadians, has never taken a clear stand against the acts of repression and brutality of the Iranian regime against its own citizens,” said Motmâenfar. 

“MP Jowhari is perceived by many within the Iranian-Canadian community to be an Iran regime’s apologist.” 

True North reached out to Jowhari for comment but did not receive a response by the deadline given. 

During the three-year memorial ceremony of the shooting down of flight PS752 which led to the deaths of 176 people including 63 Canadian citizens, Trudeau elicited a negative reaction from the crowd when praising Jowhari. 

“I’m joined today by many colleagues many of you have gotten to know well over the past three years,” said Trudeau.

“Many members of caucus are here as well … Majid Jowhari, who is also a strong advocate for the community.” 

Motmâenfar pointed to instances in which Jowhari had described the Iranian regime as “democratic” and calling on protesters to demonstrate “with the support of their elected government.” 

Additionally, Jowhari has had several “friendly meetings” with officials from Iran’s government and continues to associate with organizational supporters of Iran in Canada. 

“This Sunday the crowd seems to have seized the opportunity of  Trudeau’s mentioning Jowhari to show its deep displeasure with the Prime Minister himself, and his lack of meaningful action against the regime in Iran, as exemplified by his stubborn position since 2018 against listing the IRGC as a terrorist entity,” explained Motmâenfar.

“Mr. Jowhari can not be considered a strong advocate for the Iranian community as he has always seemed to be apologizing for what the Iranian regime does rather than advocating for what is right in a free and democratic country as a Canadian.”