The average Canadian family can expect to pay up to $847 on carbon taxes even after rebates are dished out, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF).

They say the federal government isn’t telling the full story when it comes to the cost of the levy. 

“The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) shows politicians are using magic math to sell their carbon tax,” said CTF federal director Franco Terrazzano. 

“The PBO is clear: the carbon tax costs families hundreds of dollars more than the rebates they get back.”

PBO estimates show that most Canadians will have to pay between $402 and $847 on carbon taxes post-rebate.

Despite the PBO’s findings, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has insisted that the federal carbon levy was a net financial benefit for Canadians. 

The Conservatives have called on the federal government to repeal the carbon tax, citing the rising cost of living and an impending recession. 

While visiting northern Ontario yesterday, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre reaffirmed his government would scrap the carbon tax and cap government spending to deal with the economy. 

“Trudeau’s Costly Coalition with the NDP is attacking the people of Northern Ontario by tripling the carbon tax and banning hunting rifles. I will keep hunting rifles legal and axe the carbon tax,” tweeted Poilievre. 

On top of the direct cost to taxpayer’s pocketbooks, the CTF pointed to the $116 million spent by the federal government to run the carbon levy collection program. 

The carbon tax is expected to spike by 14 cents per litre in April of this year and 12 cents per cubic metre for natural gas.