Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre said on Friday his government would fire pricey consulting firms that are wasting taxpayer dollars under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The promise came as Poilievre addressed the Conservative caucus on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. 

“A Poilievre government will cap government spending,” he said. “Cut the waste, and fire the high-priced consultants so that we can put the money back in the pockets of our people.”

Poilievre did not say which consultants he plans to fire.

Earlier this month, Poilievre called for an investigation into consulting firm McKinsey & Co. He said Canadians need answers about more than $66 million of government contracts.

“Neither the company nor the government is willing to explain what the money was for,” he said. “We need to know what […] influence McKinsey has had.”

True North previously reported that Trudeau’s government increased funding to McKinsey & Co. by thirty-fold, compared to the government of former prime minister Stephen Harper.

A parliamentary committee last week announced it will investigate the combined total of more than $100 million of contracts between the Liberal government and McKinsey & Co.