Over a hundred people gathered on Parliament Hill this weekend to mark the one-year anniversary of the monumental Freedom Convoy.

True North was on the ground in Ottawa.

Demonstrators gathered around the centennial flame with Canadian flags – they sang the national anthem and chanted “Freedom.” There were also speeches, as well as music and a DJ. Organizers obtained a permit for the demonstration.

No major convoy figures or political party leaders were present. However, Alberta Conservative MP Arnold Viersen made an appearance.

The music continued into the evening, however the scene was nowhere close to the massive street dance parties that took place during the Freedom Convoy last year.

True North spoke with attendees who said they chose to come to Parliament Hill to commemorate the Convoy and to keep the freedom movement alive. One woman noted that she doesn’t want people to forget how life was during the pandemic.

Tensions arose a few times on Saturday, including when law enforcement told people they could not set up chairs in Wellington and removed flags from a snow bank. Altercations also took place between demonstrators and a counter protestor, who was seen hitting attendees with her megaphone.

Two teenagers who are part of the Save Canada organization were arrested after an altercation with the Parliamentary Protective Service. In total, authorities say they gave out 117 parking tickets and 47 Provincial Offences Act tickets and towed 19 vehicles on Saturday. 

The Ottawa Police warned in a tweet Thursday that “illegal activity or obstructing or impeding the flow of traffic with vehicles on any roadway will not be tolerated and will be met with swift and immediate action.” 

Meanwhile Ottawa-By Law implemented special parking restrictions and pledged focused enforcement actions against several activities; including open air fires, fireworks and the unauthorized use of speakers. 

Police told CTV News that they reported approximately 200 people in attendance at the Freedom Convoy anniversary event Saturday. A crowd also gathered on the hill Sunday.

Meanwhile, Police say a small convoy of vehicles entered Ottawa Sunday afternoon, but was redirected out of the city.