The Liberal government paid more than $6 million to quarantine 15 individuals in 2022, according to government documents released on Monday.

The order paper questions document released by Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner shows that the federal government spent $6.7 million on a single quarantine facility in Calgary last year.

“The response that I just received a few hours ago was legitimately flabbergasting,” wrote Rempel on a Substack page. 

The fees broke down to roughly $450,000 per quarantined individual.

The facility was erected at the Westin Calgary Airport hotel on authority of the Minister of Health, then Patty Hajdu. 

According to the Quarantine Act, the minister could order any place in Canada to become a quarantine facility, and also amend or cancel the designation.

The outcome at the Westin hotel shows incompetency at the highest level, said MP Michelle Rempel Garner.

“Waste of this magnitude […] shows that Trudeau doesn’t have the capacity or willingness to get things under control,” the Calgary MP wrote.

The news broke amid a wave of stories surrounding the Trudeau Liberals’ spending. 
A parliamentary committee announced two weeks ago that it will investigate more than $100 million in contracts between the government and consulting firm McKinsey & Co.